Stainless Steel Communion Cups (10s)


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Stainless Steel Communion Cups
Size:  38mm high
Per 10
Our Stainless Steel Communion Cups fit into all our Communion Trays – 22mm diameter hole


Product Description

Reusable Stainless Steel Communion Cups

A polished finish and satin interior gild is featured across all our Stainless Steel Communion Cups. The Communion Cups are also made from high quality Stainless Steel and sold as units of 10.

Our Stainless steel Communion Cups provide a durable alternative to glass and plastic and so make a perfect addition to portable communion sets. It is also highly resistant to corrosion and therefore will prove a worthwhile investment if looking for cups that will stand the test of time.

The silvertone cups complement our silverplated communion sets perfectly, whilst maintaining their durability and are much simpler to clean and maintain.

Size: 38mm high

Use of these cups is universal as they fit into all of our Communion Trays - 22mm diameter hole.

Customers can see our extensive range of communion cups available to suit all budgets, including glass, pewter and disposable plastic.


Shipment of the Stainless Steel Communion Cups are usually within one business day (24 hours).


Price includes delivery to one address within UK mainland only. Please contact us to confirm rates for all other areas.


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