Non Alcoholic Communion Church Wine

Non Alcoholic Communion Church Wine

In the mid 1850s Mr Frank Wright and Mr Lionel Mundy were concerned about the impact alcohol was having on the nation and decided to do something about it by producing a non alcoholic wine for use by the Churches. Using his pharmacy skills Mr Wright produced his first non alcoholic communion wine in 1858. One of the Church leaders to commend the altar wine was the Rev C H Spurgeon. His letter confirming its use at his Tabernacle Church is in our archives. For over 150 years, Churches throughout the British Isles have used our communion wine and continue to do so today.

We offer two different brands of Non Alcoholic Church Wine –
Brand No.1 (green label) and Brand No.5 (red label) in 700ml bottles as a case of 12.

Each of our Altar wine brands have a rich red body and deep flavour of the grape.

Please see the individual page listings for more information on each communion church wine.

We have samples of church wine available on request for a small charge which is refundable on orders over £50.00.  Please contact us on 01745 827451 or for more information.

Please note that wine is available for UK mainland delivery only.

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